Who are we? 

One of the most exciting things about customer reviewing online is that it levels the playing field. Everyone can have a go at it. We both love books and reading and it was this interest which prompted our first research on Amazon.com. 

Trevor Pinch, is an academic in a new interdisciplinary department (science and Technology Studies) at Cornell University. Besides reviewing, Trevor is active in the musical community.  He plays a home-made modular synthesizer in the electronic project The Electric Golem and in the folk/punk band The Atomic Forces.

Filip Kesler is a technology entrepreneur based in San Francisco. When not studying online reviews or generally asking "why?" and "how?" on a variety of topics, he is launching new technologies. His latest startup is Egnyte.com, a leading provider of cloud-based file sharing and storage solutions for Small and Medium Businesses. 

You can contact us at amazon@freelunch.me. 

The Rules of the Game 

Studying online activities requires a variety of perspectives and different sorts of expertise. We need all the help we can get! Hence the research and experiences we will report does not elevate one style or sort of research over another. Computer scientists with sophisticated ways of processing vast amounts of internet data have something to tell us, but so too do the reviewers who have been working away honing their skills in writing reviews. We welcome contributions from all. Offensive language will of course not be tolerated.

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